Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 School Supply Lists... a Closer Look

Do we have ONE curriculum?  Or specific school curricula

  •  In kindergarten, there's no running or even HAVING any scissors.  But they are the only school to require jumbo crayons in addition to the regular size. 
  • In grade 1, Westside is the only school to just say NO to plastic 2-pocket folders, while Royal Oaks is the only school to say yes to Twistable colored pencils.
  • At grade 2, four schools think 24 pencils per kid is enough...but the other three feel 36 is required.
  • No more crayons after grade 2...well...except for 3rd grade at Eastside that is.
  • Also in grade 2, Royal Oaks shows its royalty by being the only school to specifically require "thin" dry erase markers.  Is that an anti-obesity statement?
  • In grade 3, apparently all schools except Eastside have outgrown crayons.
  • Across the district, we are split however on whether or not washable school glue is require in 3rd grade.
  • At Westside, 3rd graders are so good they dont need rulers to keep things straight.

So...all the teachers for a specific grade at a specific school can agree on needed supplies but we cant at a single grade level?
Or did the teacher with greatest seniority at each school grade level make the call?
And with this variability, why don't we just throw caution to the wind, embrace anarchy and let individual teachers decide what is required?
How does this happen?  Do principals talk?   Does anyone talk?
How can we teach communication to our kids when the adults don't communicate?

Can't we be GREEN?
Seems like a lot of waste.  Cant we re-use rulers? scissors?
Don't start with us...sure scissors will blunt with tie, but criminy!

Whose line is it anyway?
Why do kids still have to provide dry erase markers?  Shouldn't that be a District supply?
At least we got past having to provide disinfecting wipes.  But if we were able to cross that bridge, can't we cross this one too?