Saturday, August 23, 2014

Apathy's Apogee - Does District Administrator Culver Just Not Care Anymore?

Late this week the school District issued a broadcast e-mail to its "Key Communicators" list.  

What was different this time is that all of the e-mail addresses were openly visible to all recipients.

And that means, for the multitude of computer users who are oblivious to malware operating on their computers, that these e-mail lists were readily available to scammers, phishers, telemarketers, and run of the mill hackers.

We alerted Dr. Culver.  I'm sure we weren't alone.

And this was the response we got:

Really, Tim?
e realize you haven't had your "A" game working in quite some time, but that's the best response you have to potentially opening all the Key Communicators to malice? would YOU like your private e-mail information tossed about in the public sphere?

This is yet another in a lengthy series of gaffs by our crackerjack communications folks. 
Surely for the salaries we pay these people, SOMEONE knows how to lock out the use of anything but the "BCC" address line for these missives.

We're not impressed.