Saturday, June 21, 2014

Couldn't We Use $35,000?

Couldn't anybody?
The money is out there, but SPASD business geniuses simply appear to be letting it go.

There is an "Aged Receivables" report for fees owed in accordance with Policy KG.  This is just the new stuff...and we--the taxpayers-- are owed just under $35,000, but the $100K club folks at the district do not appear interested in collecting it.

WTF!  Why is that?

How about we take it out of Dr. Culver's salary and he can get reimbursed when we collect.  Bet we'd collect it then!

There is a church...a CHURCH!....that owes us nearly $5,000.  And these debts go back several years.  Yet we fail to collect.

Did none of the business gurus in the district office go to business school? Hello!  The district garnishes wages of staff all the time for various nonpayments.  Wouldn't you think they might have come to the realization that, "Hey...we can do that too!".

Many of the others are the "Usual Suspects"...coaches that use the fields or facilities for camps from which they benefit financially....but who refuse to pay according to policy.  And they are allowed to keep on keeping on.

Policy "KG" just went through a lengthy process involving community input to "fix" this.  The policy was adopted in April.  So why haven't we collected the money?  Coaches are district employees.  Here's an idea...why don't you take it out of their pay?

Over $8,000....fully 1/3 of the amount "90 days past due" (and it's way more than that) comes from varsity basketball coaches.  Hello!  Anyone see a problem here?

What the hell  is it going to take to make this happen?  It's embarrassing.  And it's not like we couldn't use the money!

Since the district won't do anything about, we will.  Here is the "Wall of Shame":