Sunday, February 9, 2014

...and Speaking of Things That Make One Go, "Hmmmmm"...

Why does one suppose our crack local newsrag, The Star, would print a "press release" announcing the candidacy of Carol Albright?

Is it because she's a retired educator (Teacher, for the uninformed) and Editor Mertes just so happens to be the spouse of a former Sun Prairie Educator (who now works for the Dept of Public Instruction)?

Editor Mertes is known from his columns to be a very conservative, right wing supporter.  Well, except for school board.  How does SPARC mesh with that philosophy?  Apparently pretty well, or it was an exceedingly slow news day on New Years eve, as this press release was printed in the STAR.  Funny...we can't recall the STAR EVER printing candidacy related press releases.  At least for school Board.

An while we're at it....what's in a name?  She's running as Carol Albright, yet her property records are listed as Carol A. Gobeli.   We couldn't find a listing for Carol Albright in, but we did find a match under Carol A. Gobeli.

Who is Carol [Gobeli] Albright?

Why is she running now?  Our sources indicate that she has not appeared at school board meetings {except perhaps to draw for ballot position].  She has not been a member of any school board committees.  How does she know about critical school board issues?  I she just the best that SPARC has to offer?  The only SPARCler who held up her hand when they asked for nominations to run?