Sunday, December 22, 2013


This past week discussions were held with various stakeholders regarding fields and facilities use fees (aka "Policy KG").   Ohhhh the revelations!  It was like Christmas come a week early.

What we learned throughout the evening:

  • Add the Sun Prairie Civic Theatre (SPCT) as yet another group that got SCROOgED by the district.
  • We learned that the CHUMS auditorium is an OSHA nightmare.
  • And while it's possible that he was just thinking funny thoughts at an inopportune moment, Buildings and Grounds Manager Joe Powelka was observed by several folks (including yours truly) to chuckle when it was mentioned that the auditorium is an OSHA nightmare.  That's beyond bad form.  That deserves a trip to the 'Splainin' Room.
  • We learned that, while Buildings and Grounds is aware of serious safety issues in the CHUMS auditorium, there are no standing work orders.  
  • We learned that the electrical is so bad that whole boxes have literally melted.
  • Almost 2 years ago, the SPCT had a good year and donated $7,000 to the district to help fund needed repairs at CHUMS auditorium,  Granted it happened before Joe Powelka came aboard, but no one knew about the stipulation.  And where did the $7,000 go?  We owe them $7,000 in repairs!
  • We learned that the many chairs are broken.

  • We learned that someone had to sue because of a bad fall.
  • We learned that the orchestra pit isn't used because no one knows how to fix it.
  • We learned that folks get charged for a custodian when they don't ever see one.
  • We learned about yet another fee issue.  Apparently there are numerous private music lessons before school (and while some are from people outside the district,some may be with our own staff).   And parents pay the instructor directly even though the lessons are held in the school and potentially with school instruments.  And its not on anyone's radar! Where's that money going?  Can you say profiting from public buildings boys and girls?
  • We learned that there may even be a security issue as people are in the building and no one knows about it.   Newsflash, people, you can spend boatloads on security upgrades to prevent bad people from getting in and doing harm.  But what if they're already in the building?
  • We learned that even the Sound of Sun prairie does not know what they are.  Are they summer school, extra-curricular?  Both? a hybrid?  When questioned, they did not have an answer.
  • We learned that it's no longer America, apple pie and baseball.  It's now Sun Prairie Football, America , and apple pie. In that order.  And how could we possibly charge coaches for making "a few dollars" off of camps.  They're keeping kids off the streets.

  • While we'll acknowledge that some movement has been occurring at CHUMS, it simply isn't enough or a high enough priority.

This all lands Joe Powelka, Phil Frei (Joe's supervisor), and Tim Culver (reigning Big Dog) squarely on Santa's naughty list.

Good grief, Charlie Brown...don't you guys already have enough egg on your face?  Are you competing for the eggiest face award?

Such a shame that I wouldn't know by now
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don't want to live without
Your revelations

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