Monday, May 27, 2013

Time to Cry Over Spilt Milk?

Though they'll never publicly admit it, top members of SPASD Administration my finally be seeing what we tried to prognosticate to them during our last construction phase.  To wit:  What are we really getting for the $7,300 per month we paid for a Construction Manager?

$7,300 dollars per month!

That could pay for several families' entire monthly bills.

And what did we get for it?   It's probably easier to answer what we DIDN'T get for it!

The high school fields need serious work to improve drainage...wait...shouldn't that have been part of construction?
Have you seen the backstop at Summit Field?  Even in the gust front we had two weeks ago, they aren't supposed to bend that way.   What about the whole outfield fence?  Who's going to pay to replace signs for those that donated?

Remember the bleachers fiasco?

What about the wrong diving board for the pool?

There are MANY more items on the list.

What do the rest of us do when we pay a lot of money to have something done and it fails?  Of COURSE we call that contractor back and say , "FIX IT".  Some (not all) of that may be happening behind the scenes now, but up until THIS school board, and folks like Joe Palooka, the district just used to open its checkbook and pay to have something done twice.  Your tax dollars at work.  Hell, not even the SPARClers would agree with that mentality (we think...hope).

Here's what we said back when....when Phil Frei and Tim Culver looked at us like we had six heads.   A couple or three chins maybe...bit only one head.

The money we spent on a Construction Manager may have been better spent paying down the 5+% interest on the State Trust loan!  Certainly we spent a lot of money on that position, and while they'll publicly say what a wonderful job was done, they know the truth.  Like most public personae though...they can't handle the truth.