Sunday, April 21, 2013

Difference Makers: School Board VP Welke and Police Chief Anhalt

Understandably, our attentions have been diverted to the tragedies which occurred in Boston and Texas over the past week, but we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight this recent action.

In the wake to the Newtown tragedy, school board VP John Welke, who has a law enforcement background linked up with Sun Prairie police chief Pat Anhalt to see what they could do for our community.  The result is a program to offer free gunlocks to community members.  And it doesn't raise your property

Sometimes guns are too accessible, and during an emotional upheaval, things can go wrong in a hurry.  Often deadly wrong.  People....please make use of this opportunity.  Keep your guns safe and secure.

If this program saves even one life, it will make it all worthwhile.  Sometimes it's the little things that speak loudest; and this one speaks volumes.

Here's to Mr. Welke and Chief Anhalt for making things happen....for making a difference.

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Read the complete letter