Sunday, March 31, 2013

Super-Size Me. Ashley Field Plan Now Projected at $5. to $57 MILLION

Sorry folks.  We WISH this were an April Fool's joke, seeing as this is on the agenda for tomorrow's Planning Committee meeting.

Who knows....Maybe it IS just a [Athletics Director]  Jim McClowry joke.
We're afraid it's no such thing.

Stackhouse is tossed underneath the bus, ran over and then the bus put in reverse and run over him again.  Granted, the "Stackhouse plan" was a tad swiss cheesy, but we dont think he deserves to be hung with all this.  This plan has gone from $1.6 M to $5.7M.  Even the STAR's Chris Mertes has got to come off of the fence and rip this one to shreds.

It' our understanding that the entire cost of ALL the fields at the new high school came to about $6M.
But that's a number that Jim McClowry didn't provide.  We get it though.  His numbers haven't been...shall we say...overly impressive.

Are you fricking kidding us?

Screw Ashley Field!