Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sun Prairie is tops!

The old adage goes that the only two sure things are death and taxes. For Sun Prairie, let's make that GROWTH and TAXES.

Recently, our luvable little---errr....BIG----city rose to the top of two charts:

1. Sun Prairie is the top growing city in all of Wisconsin (any surprise there?)

The article states that,
"The city, which counts artist Georgia O'Keeffe as its most famous native
daughter, has now swelled to 27,758 residents, making it Dane County's
second-largest city. A 24 percent growth rate since 2000 also makes it the
fastest-growing city in Wisconsin
, with more than 10,000 new residents

1. Sun Prairie also ranks number one in Dane Country in terms of taxes...according to the fair tax comparison performed by the Wisconsin State Journal. (that probably doesn't come as a surprise either).

Read the article

Review or download the tax comparison table
Remember folks....a mill rate is just a number; a mill rate alone is like toast without butter. The Senior Partners love to quote mill rates and use them to their advantage. "Hey....look at us! We're nowhere NEAR the awful mill rate people face in the town of Montrose!". But in the end, it's all about the benjamins....YOUR benjamins. You have to look at a mill rate relative to the assessed value of your home. And THEN, you have to consider that assessed value relative to what a fair market value would be. THAT converts something that aspires to BE a number into a real cash liability...your property tax bill.